Success is for Everyone!

Team Evolution

Team Evolution

It is important for companies and leaders alike, to make sure that their team members are continually inspired to face new challenges. Achieving success on any level of work one needs continuous motivational encouragement

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Practical messages such as self belief, determination, finding the strength and courage to face unforeseen challenges.

Engaging Talks

Engaging Talks

Your audience will be entertained whilst receiving a lasting inspirational message and a few hidden learnings.

Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible

Adél's core focus is to provide people with the motivational tools and inspiration to boost their self-image and move past common obstacles that typically cause people to falter.


    Fat Loss Workshop

    Why is this workshop different?

    In this workshop, you are actually preparing yourself mentally and emotionally before you start with your fat loss programme.

    It is very important to be ready and well prepared before you start.  Most of the time, people just jump into a weight loss ocean, without a boat and they don’t even know how to swim.  That is why most people give up early or sometimes even before they have started.

    You will learn why Fat loss is more important than weight loss.

    Why it is so important to mentally prepare yourself before you start.

    You will pin point your challenges, past failures and much more.

    You will learn how to make the right choices.

    You will get valuable information about food, exercise and supplementation.

    Together we will work out the fat loss plan that will fit into your own personal lifestyle.

    Contact Adél Dreyer 082 690 0684

    Confidence Workshop

    Confidence takes you forward in life

    This is one of the topics that a lot of people are in denial about and on the other side, those who do acknowledge it does not have the confidence to do something about it.

    This workshop is actually a workshop for everyone.  Whether you are feeling good about yourself or not so good about yourself.

    If you have a good confidence level, in this workshop you will learn how to better understand those who don’t.  It might just be the thing you need if you have a friend or family member you struggle to communicate with because of this reason.

    If your confidence level is low, attending this workshop will be the ideal thing to do.

    Here you will learn where your low self-esteem comes from.

    You will get the necessary information on what to do about it.

    Your confidence level will be lifted and a new positive you will walk out into the world, ready to face your future and the world.

    Contact Adél Dreyer 082 690 0684


    When you plan your next event and are looking for a speaker why not book Adél. Business events, non-profit organization fund raisers, team building etc. Adél will inspire your team. Success is for everyone!

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